Clan Information

Level: ???
Number of cats: 10
Leader: Sedgestar
Deputy: Hufwe-auran
Medicine Cat:

Last updated February 5th, 2019

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Clan Description

ElmClan, also known as Paytxew (shoreline/water’s edge), is a clan whose name alludes to their flexibility to adapt. While not nearly as widespread as their name implies, they are very close and they hold many traditions very dear to their nature as a clan.
They believe each member of their clan deserves respect so long as that member has done nothing that would cause them to lose said respect. As such, though they may carry vastly different ranks, kits, warriors, and the leader are all considered the same level, and must share whatever duties they can each do for the good of the clan.
Kits often share the work of cleaning the nursery, and apprentices work on keeping the other dens cleaned up and in good repair, as well as training to become warriors. Warriors primarily lead patrols, hunt, and train the other cats. The leader and deputy handle all outside relations that do not involve medicine cat business, which, of course, the medicine cats handle, in addition to healing duties.

A crucial part of their clan identity is their name system, which varies from most other clans and tribes. As kits, they are given an English name, but when they become apprentices, their prefix is switched to another language. When they become warriors, the other half of their name is also in that language and their name becomes hyphenated. It is worth noting that their prefix as a -paw becomes the suffix they carry as a Warrior. If they are to become leader, they regain their English prefix and add the star suffix, but they may not retain their kit name; their ancestor guides will tell them their new name and determine if the prefix changes.
Example: Grasskit, Zeswavipaw, Txe'lan-azeswavi, Sedgestar
(Grasskit, Grasspaw, Grassheart, Sedgestar)

Note that an "a-" is added before the second half of the name; this denotes that it modifies the part of the name before it. "Txe'lan-zeswavi" means Heartgrass, as does "Txe'lana-zeswavi". In order for the name to mean Grassheart, it must be written "Txe'lan-azeswavi".
Often, for nicknames, the second half of the name (minus the a- prefix) is used. This is, not coincidentally, their -paw prefix.

Camp Description

ElmClan's camp is located in a marsh floodplain. Seasonally, the water pools on the ground of the camp, sometimes rendering the ground totally underwater. In order to negate this, the dens are actually suspended about a mouse-length above the ground. The dens are woven of marsh grass, and are kept afloat during floods thanks to the supports underneath. Each den has a support made of driftwood and reeds, which floats when the water starts getting high. In order to prevent dens from floating away from each other, they are tethered together by ropes made of grass. Apprentices are taught how to weave these ropes and a common chore is to make sure the ropes have not rotted. There are over a dozen dens, as to keep them floating each one can only hold two cats, or a mother and her kits.
The dens are arranged in a loose ring. To keep the camp better hidden from the twolegs who populate the area during the daytime, there is no clearing; instead, clan meetings are instead held in the dunes nearby immediately after sundown. Cats are not considered members of the clan until they make the journey to view the starpit for the first time, so kits are not allowed to attend those meetings and must stay in camp. There's no technical outer wall of the camp; the cats rely on the dense grasses to keep them safe.
Food is stored just outside the camp, in a den tethered near the entrance, and sometimes buried in the trees just southwest of camp. The salty nature of the marsh means that buried food would preserve well, but because the prey absorbs the other minerals it often tastes off. No food is buried within the camp itself for this reason.

Clan Reputation

ElmClan's reputation isn't much worthy of note. The clan itself is rather isolated; their eastern border is formed by water, their southernmost and westernmost border by thunderpaths. The north is mostly twoleg habitations. They have little contact with outside cats aside from the occasional rogue or kittypet. However, those who do encounter them consider them "odd", and the rumors abound that they believe in alien creatures that come from the stars. It does not bode well for their reputation that they speak a different language from other cats in the surrounding area.