Meet the members of ElmClan!

Eyktan (Leader): Sedgestar
Eyktanay (Deputy): Hufwe-auran

Tiretu (Medicine Cats):
Seykxel (Spiritually strong):

Tsamsiyu (Warriors):

Numeyu (Apprentices): Loreyupaw

'Eveng (Kits):

Koaktu (Elders):

Temporary Ranks

These ranks are assigned as needed, and are never assigned on a permanent basis.
Eykyu Temporary leader; typically a patrol leader or hunting party leader.
Karyunay Apprentice teacher; an older Numeyu who is assigned to help younger cats learn a skill in order to reinforce their own understanding of said skill.

Temporary Generational Ranks

These ranks may or may not exist at a given point in time. They are specific ranks that may be deprecated, or may be used at times other than the current "canon" point.
Tsahìk (Spiritual leader): Leads the clan through a time of turmoil by providing spiritual assistance. Typically female. Sometimes a cat is born into the rank, but other times they will emerge as a particularly strong Seykxel.

NPCs referenced in stories

These do not have official RISE status and are used to explain events before the current set of cats.

Atanzawstar ((Forked) Lightning-star)
Male; Leader before Sedgestar; killed by a careless boater.
Venzek-akenten (Lizardtoe)
Gender not yet stated; Deputy to Atanzawstar; retired five months before Atanzawstar's death due to old age. (Probably still alive.)
Mìnyu-avitra (Soul-lily)
Gender not yet stated; Tiretu (healer) to Atanzawstar and Venzek-akenten; may still be in practice.