1. the Pavillion
2. Twoleg place (daytime)
3. Crab Lake (brackish)
4. the Shore (brackish)
5. ElmClan Camp
6. Sharptooth Lake (brackish)
7. Landbridge
Black lines are thunderpaths.
The Landbridge is crossable at low tide, uncrossable at high tide.
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Forest type: Mixed; heavily coniferous.
Water type: Fresh and Brackish.
Native prey: Squirrels, rabbits, mice, birds (land and water species), small fish, shellfish, crabs, crayfish.
Biggest threats (animal): dogs, twolegs, venemous snakes (copperheads, water mocassins), jellyfish, foxes, coyotes (rare), snapping turtles.
Other threats: heavy storms, flooding.

Territory Description

Summer Temperatures: 86 to 96F/30 to 35 C
Winter Temperatures: 28 to 35F/-2 to 1.6 C
Days Sunny vs Rainy: 290:75
Weather common: Rain, Sleet (Snow uncommon, Hurricanes every other year, hail every fourth year.)
Altitude: Under 10 tails above sea level
Description: ElmClan Camp is situated near the shores of a large area of brackish water, among tall marsh grasses and flowering bushes but at the edge of the trees. Dunes separate the marsh next to camp from the water, covered in sparse saltwater-loving grass. The camp itself isn't terribly large, and is built up with both fallen limbs and marsh grasses.
A small brackish lake shaped like a tooth is near the camp, named Sharptooth Lake. Past Sharptooth lake is a much larger lake, Crab Lake. Woods extend almost all the way around it, bar the strip of dunes and saltwater grasses that stand between it and the large body of water. At low tide, Crab Lake is entirely cut off from the large body of water, and the channel that connects it to the main body of water at high tide is crossable without getting wet. The cats refer to this path as the Landbridge.
Across the landbridge is a large, open-sided Twoleg building, and a very weird group of Twoleg structures that young Twolegs play on during the day. At night, Twolegs in this area are very rare. A long gravel Thunderpath connects this area to a paved Thunderpath quite some distance from camp.
The Sinkhole containing the Moonwater is just over half a day's journey from camp, following the gravel Thunderpath. (Roughly 2.6 mi/4.1 km.)

The first one to send me a map of the real-world location this is based off or the name of the roads/area will receive some C$ or artwork. It is based precisely off a real place!